Taliban unveil new government for Afghanistan, led by a man on UN blacklist; its interior minister wanted by FBI

Taliban unveil new government for Afghanistan, led by a man on United Nations Blacklist, Mullah Mohammed Hassan Akhund, one of its founding fathers. It also named leader of the Haqqani militant group as its interior minister.

Taliban has officially declared Afghanistan an ‘Islamic Emirate’ nation, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The announcement of an interim cabinet is move towards the formation of a Taliban government.

Here’s the full list

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Sarajuddin Haqqani who is now the acting interior minister is also the head of a militant group known as the Haqqani network who have an affiliation with Taliban. There are also evident reports that the Haqqani militant group masterminded some of the deadliest attacks in Afghanistan since 2001 when the war began. He is currently on the wanted list of the FBI.

Mullah Hassan who is now the acting Prime Minister of Afghanistan is also on United Nations Blacklist. He was the Deputy Foreign Minister for Afghanistan when Taliban was in power from 1996 to 2001. Here’s a list of other new appointments below.

There is no representation of minority groups, women in their new cabinet. No woman has been appointed to any high position.

Taliban leader, Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada in a statement revealed that the new government want strong and healthy relations with their neighbours.

“we want strong and healthy relations with our neighbours and all other countries based on mutual respect and interaction. We are not in conflict with Islamic law amd the country’s national values” he said.

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