Tammy Abraham: Calls for his return to Chelsea grow as Lukaku flops

Chelsea fans want Tammy Abraham back

Tammy Abraham: calls for his return to Chelsea grow as Lukaku flops

Calls for Chelsea to re-sign Tammy Abraham grow as Romelu Lukaku’s problems continue. There have been tensions on the former Inter Milan striker on his performance at the English club.

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Many Chelsea fans have been furious especially after Lukaku’s performance during Crystal Palace match. Romelu Lukaku breaks record for the fewest touches (7) in Premier league history. Video analysis got fans mad (Watch)

Some Chelsea fans have been asking why they let Tammy Abraham leave the club to Roma for Lukaku.

“I’ve been thinking of what Lukaku’s problem might be, I still can’t get it. How we can let Tammy go and Werner on the bench for Lukaku is so surprising” a fan, (Quantumroot) fumes on twitter.

“Like it or not, Lukaku has become a bone in the throat for Chelsea. Don’t play him, his value goes down faster. Play him, the team suffers. Marina isn’t a cut your loss kind of person. We are stuck with him unless a miracle happens in the summer” (Blue_footy)

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Chelsea made a huge decision last summer to ofload their academy graduate to Roma to buy Lukaku from Inter Milan. Tammy Abraham has been doing incredibly amazing at Roma. Tammy Abraham has now scored 17 goals for AS Roma after leaving Chelsea 6 months ago (Video)

While Lukaku’s problems escalate, there have been calls for Tammy’s return to the club. Its already a year since Tammy Abraham made his last start in Chelsea Jersey. Lukaku is yet to score more goals this season than Tammy did last season in the Premier league and in all tournaments. Lukaku who was bought around £97million is however top for the club this season with 10 goals.

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