Tammy Abraham has now scored 17 goals for AS Roma after leaving Chelsea 6 months ago (Video)

Tammy Abraham is leaving the best of his career life at Roma

Tammy Abraham has now scored 17 goals for Roma after leaving Chelsea 6 months ago

He left Chelsea to AS Roma in just six months and doing just amazing.

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He has now scored 17 goals in all competitions. He was asked why he chose Roma or accepted the offer when he was leaving Chelsea and this was what he said

“There were so many clubs I was speaking to at that time. Then I spoke to Jose, and he had a goal. I could see where he wants to take Roma and I wanted to be part of that process. He really put his trust on me so he was a big impact for the season” Tammy explained

Tammy Abraham was not getting enough playing time at Chelsea last season. Chelsea then sold him to AS Roma after series of considerations.

Here are the goals he has scored for AS Roma

He is now the English player with most goals scored in a single Serie A season. Scoring 17 goals in just six months is a remarkable achievement and the season is even not over yet.

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