Ten richest football club owners in the world

Ten richest football club owners in the world

We take a look ten richest football owners in the world.

10. ZhangJindong. Worth $7.6 billion

Zhang Jindong is a Chinese billionaire. He is the founder of Suning Holding Group. Through his company, he was able to purchase majority shares in Inter Milan in 2016.

Elon Musk’s Tesla now bigger than GM and Toyota combined. Read more https://www.facebook.com/109746051257366/posts/299120018986634/

9. Nasser Al Khelaifi: $8 billion with PSG

He is a Qatari businessman and the owner of belN media group, chairman of Qatar Sports Investment, President of the Asian Tennis and President of PSG. Read more □ PSG President Al Khelaifi says the club have no relationship with Real Madrid

8. Stanley Kroenke: Arsenal, Colorado Rapids, $9 billion.

Enos Stanley Kroenke is an American billionaire businessman. He owns Kroenke Sports and Entertainment who is the holding company of Arsenal football club, Los Angeles Rams in NFL, Denver Nuggets in the NBA and Colorado Rapids.

7. Anschutz Phillip:

La $10.9 billion. Philip is an American billionaire who owns and have shares in a variety of industries. He owns popular team La Galazy. He’s also a founding member of major league soccer.

6. Roman Abramovich: Chelsea $12.4 billion

Roman Abramovich is currently selling the club after Russia invaded Ukraine. He’s said to be a close ally of President Vladimir Putin who ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine. He has been owner of Chelsea is 2003 until now. He is one of the Russian billionaires. Read more Roman Abramovich to sell Chelsea since becoming owner in 2003

5. Dietmar Hopp: Hotfenheim, $13 billion

Dietmar Hopp is a German software developer and businessman. He was one of the founders of SAP SE in 1972. He owns Bundesliga side Hotfenheim

4. Andrea Agnelli and family: Juventus, $13.5 billion

The Andrea family are the owners of Juventus, with Andrea Agnelli being the face of the football enterprise, serving as chairman of both the club and and of the European club Association

3. Dietrich Mateschitz:

$19.4 billion, Red Bull Salzburg, RB Leipzig, NY Red Bulls. He is an Australian billionaire. He co-owns Red Bull energy drink, have %49 share of it.

2. Shaikh Mansour:

$20 billion. Suntan bin Zayed bin Khalifa Al Nanyan often referred to as Sheikh Mansour is an Emirati politician who is the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. He owns Manchester City, New York City and Melbourne City.

1 Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman: $430 billion.

The Saudi Investment group bought English club Newcastle late last year. Read more □ Saudi Arabia investment group takeover struggling Newcastle fc from St. James Holdings Limited

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