Testimonial match: Jay Jay Okocha played extremely well that Eto’o pleaded for his substitution (Video)

Nigerian former international Jay Jay is undoubtedly one of Africa’s best exports during his days of active football

Jay Jay Okocha at the Joseph Hobo’s Testimonial match six years saw him played extremely beautiful football ones again. He was was excellent to the extent that FECAFOOT President Samuel Eto’o had to call for his substitution.

Former Barcelona legend Samuel Eto’o could not believe Jay Jay Okocha still got his skills and could play 90 minutes. He was the player and still the man every football lover would love to watch

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About 4 minutes, 14 seconds video posted by Super sports in 2020 has surfaced on the Internet again. Perhaps its one of the best videos to remain relevant on the Internet for a very long time.

The commentators for the Testimonial match brilliantly comment on his intelligence on the ball, his accurate passes, skills and how he’s able to control the ball even in his 40s.

“By the way let me warn you, if you don’t have the heart of in the elements please don’t watch this game because Jay Jay Okocha is going to thrill you and take you to the raptures and back” one of them revealed.

The Nigerian star was the highest paying player per week in European football during his time. He was earning €384,000.00 every week.

“When you have Jay Jay Okocha on your side, you know that you a match winner. And in fact Samuel Eto’o is saying he needs to be substituted because he’s a danger to our side. Eto’o insists that he’s removed from the equation otherwise its not going to he balanced. Everybody knows about Jay Jay’s prowess”

Watch full video posted on Twitter by Super Sports in 2020

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