The Church of Pentecost, Cape Coast Area builds Police Station for Abrem Agona, plan to plant 1million trees nationwide

Just weeks after The Church of Pentecost constructed a well modified and dignified prison and handed it to Ghana government, the Church has done it again, this time, opening a newly built Police station for the people of Abrem Agona community.

The Cape Coast Area of the Church gifted the building to the community, purposely meant to expand the infrastructural project of Ghana government. Many people have argued that the Church is doing more for the people than many corporate institutions in the country. As a corporate social responsibility, companies are supposed to do more of such interventions to support communities they operate in.

Just yesterday, the Church posted on its Twitter official page it has plans to plant over a million trees. ‘In partnership with Forestry Commission Ghana, the Church is set to plant 1 million trees nationwide’ they posted.

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