The Citizens Are More Fooli$h Than The Leaders – An Angry Ghanaian Reacts To The $28 Million Loan For V8s

Daniel Addo, an angry Ghanaian has indicated that the citizens are more foolish than the Ghanaian leaders.

This angry Ghanaian reacted to the $28 million loan that will be used to purchase Toyota V8 to Members of Parliament.

He angrily said, “We the citizens are more foolish than our leaders. Inspite of all this we end up voting for this NPP n NDC who only think of themselves. U will see NEEDY MEN AND WOMEN supporting them . Are we not animals.”

It was reported across media outlets that the finance minister has negotiated a $28 million for Members of Parliament to procure V8.

This news broke the heart of the majority of Ghanaians and have angrily expressed their opinions. Some opinions appear to be harh and insulting.

A photo of the news was shared by A Plus on his Facebook page and below were some of the comments.

One Facebook user said, “Banana republican state! The millions of unemployed youth don’t understand what’s going on now and shouting for politicians and political parties!

The political elites are chewing all the meat and the bones and leaving behind huge debt for you as legacy! Ghanaian youth wise up quickly!”

Another said, “I’ll not complain anymore. I’m waiting to hear the government has set up a collection box at people’s front door to collect government compulsory tithe for ministers in waiting.

I’m so done! I also sincerely believe our president has been hijacked and being kept in a dungeon.”

One too said, “We are just doomed in this country. Both ndc and npp are all literally the same . We don’t exist to them and we are not their priority . God will punish them ankasa.”

The last comment, “When both NDC and NPP benefits you’ll hardly hear any opposition from NDC MPs. These guys are all the same. The only reason they complain is when they know they’re not part of the bounty. Insensitive leaders.”

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