The genesis of Iran protest (Video)

What triggered Iranian women to go on the streets to demand justice and freedom of a “tyranny regime”? and how long will it last?

Iranian women have been on the streets in the last few days protesting and demanding regime change. Iranian Supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei is under intense pressure from Iranian citizens. The people want total overhaul of the Iranian government but is that even possible?

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What caused the protest?

It all started after after Mahsa Amini’s sudden demise. The 22year old was arrested because of how she wore her hijab which sadly led to her death. She died in the hospital after being detained in police custody. There have been reports of Iranian police beaten up Mahsa Amini severely but Iranian authorities denied all claims.

Aftermath of her demise

Her tragic death has sparked up massive protest across Iranian provinces and cities. The protest is said to have spread across 80 cities according to the BBC

“Despite crackdowns, protest have spread to more than 80 cities” the BBC said.

The interesting thing is how Iranian women are leading the protest, which shows how things are gradually changing. They are leading the protest against compulsory use of hijab, an incident which took the life of one of their own, Mahsa Amini.

Dozens of people have died as protest continues. Reports that at least 30 lives have been lost since it started. The protest is growing and is becoming a movement as men have joined too. A man ran into one the Iranian women on the protest ground and slapped her for nothing. He ended being nearly mobbed by his fellow men. Watch video below

Things are get heated up to the extent that protesters are beginning to remove posters on billboards that include pictures of Iranian Supreme leader Khamenei Ayatollah.

How long will it last

No one can actually tell how long it will last. But it’s obvious this protest is rather for the long haul as Iranians continue to protest against the current government making the country a complete Islamic state. “We don’t want Islamic Republic, death to the dictator. Mullahs go away” the continue to chant as the protest across Iran.

What is the world saying about Iran protest?

Most world leaders including, President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau have all condemned it.

“Canada strongly supports people who are expressing themselves and protesting peacefully in Iran. We are calling on the Iranian regime to end its repression of freedom of expression and to end the ongoing harassment of, and discrimination against women” Justin Trudeau posted on twitter.

Other leaders and activists have also added their voices to the injustice.

Videos on the ground

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