The law must be amended to gaurd against galamsay – Kenneth Ashigbey

Convener, Media Coalition Against Galamsay, Kenneth Ashigbey has today made his assertions on issues regarding galamsay and how our water bodies are gradually deteriorating.

Mr. Ashigbey who is very concern noted that, the only way Ghana can win the fight against galamsay is ‘to get the law amended’

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I think one of the things we can do now is to get the law amended he revealed on News file

I think one of things we can do now is to get the law amended. It is one of the reasons that’s frustrating this crucial fight Mr. Ashigbey said

He is therefore appealing to President Nana Akufo-Addo and his government to do the needful so this fight against galamsay will be a true fight. According to him, Ghana will not be able to win this fight unless we tackle the root problem, the law

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