The money I’ve seen, you’ve not seen some, you’re even wearing 2.50p shoe – Shatta wale dirty Arnold (video)

Tonights #Unitedshowbiz was full of fire. Shatta wale really didint take things lightly at all after he was asked few questions by Arnold on the show.

There was an argument between the two and he didn’t take things lightly at all. According to him, he’s far richer than him. It all started when Arnold told the self acclaimed dancehall king of Africa that, he’s very inconsistent with his craft and all of a sudden, Shatta wale got angry.

‘Stand up and beg me, the money I see, you no see some before. See you’re even wearing 2.50p shoe. You buy house before?’ Shatta wale angrily said.

At times, fans are the people who add more fuel to the fire. Just after this little fight, fans of Sarkodie started blasting Shatta wale and fans of Shatta wale too wont take things lightly just like their daddy. Right now there’s more fire happening on Twitter and nothing can quench it now. Shatta wale says he’s the richest musician in Ghana and here’s his fan tweeting about it. It seems this long fight between these two artiste wont end soon.

This one must be coming from a Sarkodie fan

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