The smiles of this Afghan family after landing on America soil warm many hearts

The smiles of this Afghan family after landing on America soil warms many hearts. In pictures, a mother and his son express joy on fleeing Afghanistan to America. She is seen carrying her second child as they’re escorted from the airport to begin a new life in America

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As christians, the situation in Afghanistan obligates us, we must fast & pray – Pope Francis

A similar photo warms many hearts on the Internet after a family made a successful journey to Belgium after they left Afghanistan to start a new life as well. Read that here Photo of young Afghan girl after escaping Afghanistan to Belgium warms many hearts

America alone evacuated over one hundred and twenty thousand people. While the United Kingdom, Canada and other western and European countries ended their evacuation process, America is still evacuating her citizens including Afghans who are lucky. The Taliban says it has agreed to extend deadline for America to evacuate citizens.

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