The West need to hit Russian decision center if it nuke Kyiv’s Presidential office – Zelensky (Video)

KIEV, UKRAINE - DECEMBER 1, 2021: Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky delivers an annual state-of-the-nation address at a plenary meeting of the Ukrainian parliament, Verkhovna Rada. In his address, Zelensky discussed foreign and domestic policy. Irina Yakovleva/TASS.No use Russia.

Ukraine is on a fight to liberate more Ukrainian territories but the battle is really a tough one indeed

President of Ukraine has proposed that the West strike Russian decision center if it nukes Kyiv’ Presidential office. Zelensky was speaking to CBC news outlet.

Speaking to Russia invading his beloved country, Zelensky saidbthe West should not in any circumstance hesitate to bomb Russian decision making centers.

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“If you strike Bankova, then there will be a strike where you are. The one who gives out orders to kill people. If you do that, you must know that in a second no matter what the result of your strike is, there will be a strike on your decision making center in your country” Zelensky said.

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