The world will shake the day Africa unites – Mike Tyson

Former world boxing champion Mike Tyson believes so much in Africa. He said Africans have the potential to change the world

American boxing champion Mike Tyson has disclosed what the world will look like when Africa finally unites. Though the unification of the African continent doesn’t look like happening anytime soon, Mike Tyson believe a lot could change if that manifests.

what are some factors that can slow the African continent from coming together?

  • One factor is language barrier: language barrier is one major reason why the unification of Africa is taking so long. There are several tribes in Africa and these tribes speak different local languages. This is a huge problem the continent is facing. Though Africa is working to adopt one major language (Swahili), it is still very difficult. Read more:African Union adopts Swahili as official working language
  • Physical barriers: Our barriers are also a major issue. For instance, a Ghanaian citizen traveling to Nigeria will always stop at several check points while in Europe for instance, you’re able to cross borders easily as citizen of the European Union
  • Economic power: it will interest you to know how some African countries cant still realize the unification of Africa is the best way forward. Some countries and citizens feel superior than others. Example is the xenophobic attack that occurred in South Africa years ago, when some indigenous groups demand that African foreigners leave their country. Some Nigerian and Zimbabwean citizens were brutality beaten and killed in that xenophobic attack.
  • Education: This is also a very significant factor when it comes to the unification of Africa. A large group of Africans are still illiterates. Simply, the literacy rate of Africans are on the low, and the brain drain. The continent is not attractive to citizens who are well educated and have what it takes to educate others on the unification of Africa is critical, and how they can contribute to nation building. Most of them finish school only to travel outside the continent for greener pastures. Some don’t even return.

Mike Tyson was in Egypt where he visited some historical landmarks of the country. According to him, the African continent is so much endowed in all spheres, something many can’t even bost of, and that could be the game changer for the continent.

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“I went to Egypt to see our history as Africans, and one thing concluded was the day Black Africans realizes themselves and they unite as one, the world will shake” he revealed.

Mike recently said that he thinks his time to die is almost near because he’s not growing any younger. However, he did not give details or any ill health status in that regard.

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what are people saying on the unification of Africa in regards to this topic?

We put together the response, replies and views of people on this topic. Here are few of them on Facebook

“Africa has democracy, the biggest problem ever” (Will Gift Chiswe)

“we need better leaders and this could happen, but powers at be would not allow it” (Ryan Kiffin Williams

“The greatest amount of resources of any continent in history. Sorry Mike I’m with you on this concept. But it will not happen” (Jeff Weiss)

“Africa cannot unite because the leaders are selfish and everyone wants power. It will take a lot of generations to happen” (Frank Mushi)

“when do Black people come together other than a cookout?. I agree with Mike if that could happen but it won’t. Africans are a major reason slavery happened. Everybody out for self. Making a dollar by selling their brother. Looks like its still that way over there. USA, United States of Africa is a dream” (Jared Villalobos)

“Ask Gaddafi how that idea works” (Kal Aalberg)

Read more on Gaddafi:β€œWho gave NATO the right to kill Gadhafi?” Vladimir Putin asks furiously 10 yrs ago (video)

“Africa jas massive potential. The West will keep them downtrodden and corrupt” (Alan williams)

“For starters it would have to do away with tribalism. This is the single biggest problem with Africa. That ideology must be rendered obsolete” (Rahim McCall)

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