There should be free visa and less flight costs for Africans travelling to African countries – Wode Maya

Wode Maya is advocating for free movement across African countries. He’s of the view that Africans should be able to move freely across African borders at a lower costs

Ghanaian Youtuber Wode Maya is mostly known for his video content. His choice of content is unique as it basically showcases the African culture and its beauty.

He works have made him travel across the length and breath of Africa; which makes him more Pan-African to some extent. After all that’sthe dream he’s championing. He’s been to Rwanda, Dr. Congo, Namibia, Kenya etc. His recent trip was Zimbabwe where he showcased beautiful landscapes and culture of Zimbabweans to the world

He made his comment after Ghanaian journalist Caleb Kudah gave him some acolades

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“Wode Maya has got me excited about Zimbabwe. That I want to visit like yesterday. He posted on Facebook

Wode Maya replied him hours after, saying “there should be ease of travelling for Africans from one African country to the other” he stated. Revealing his its exciting to travel across Africa at a much lower cost.

“The excitement of an African to visit another African country should not be dampened by visa issues/flight cost”

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