There’s nothing spiritual about sex, you can have sex with 400 partners with no transfer of blood or spirits – Counsellor George Ludtterodt

According Counsellor George Ludtteroft, you can have sex with multiple partners and nothing will happen to you. ‘There is nothing spiritual about sex, when you have sex, there’s no blood transmission’ he revealed on tv3newday today.

According to him, our religious beliefs have made us to accept falsehood. The Counsellor was addressing issues in marriage where this lady was once seen by her daughter putting blood into her dad’s food before cooking for him.

‘There is no spirituality about sex. You can have sex with four hundred people and nobody will transfer spirits or blood into you, stop lying to the people. There is nothing spiritual about sex’ he revealed

He further gave details, explaining that sex is a mind thing and everything that happens from erections to finish is purely natural.

‘No erection is controlled by spirits. Erection is a natural thing. We have lied to people too much. There is nothing spiritual about sexual intercourse. You can decide to create the platform of spirituality with your sexual life, but it doesn’t mean its spirit’ he said.

He also touched on licking. ‘Its a mind thing and nothing else. He emphasized.

Counsellor has been missing from the media space for a while after he was sanctioned by Christian council

All media houses were told not to entertain him in their media space for some period. Well it seems he’s back.

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