They took our phones and hit me with the bat of AK47 riffle – DCOP Opare Addo narrates how Delta Force kicked him from office

DCOP Opare Addo made very disturbing revelations on how delta force manhandled him in his office and finally threw him out. He spoke on live television via Zoom, where he told Evans Mensah, head of JoyNews political desk how some ‘national security’ operatives invaded his office and kicked him out.

In a video, he explains his predicament,; says he’s very convinced beyond reasonable doubts they were not national security operatives but tags from Delta force, an NPP vigilante group which was allegedly dissolved few months ago.

I was there, in my office with my secretary, they closed the door took our phones and one of them hit me with the bat of the AK47 riffle. He revealed

According to him, he knows these boys very well and has confirmed their affiliation to one political party. He has vowed not to spare any of them. He also noted that he saw members of delta force vigilante group including Mohammed Seidu. DCOP Opare Addo was the security coordinator for Ashanti region. Ghana police is currently investigating the incident to ascertain the root cause.

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