Things Queen Elizabeth II Experienced when she was Alive

Queen Elizabeth II was 35 years old when Sierra Leone achieved it independence from the British empire.

The last time a human being died of smallpox, Queen Elizabeth II was 52 years old.

Queen Elizabeth II was 41 years old when interracial marriage was deemed universal in the United States.

Walt Disney World was opened on 1971, when Queen Elizabeth II was 45 year old.

When the Berlin Wall fell leading to the reunion of Eastern and western Germany. Queen Elizabeth II was 63 years old.

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When the Beatles released it white Album, Queen Elizabeth II was 42 years old.

Queen Elizabeth II was about to turn 64 years old when Nelson Mandela was released from a South African prison. He was imprisoned when Queen Elizabeth was 36.

Queen Elizabeth II was born two years after the death of Lenin. Staying died when she was 26. At 36 the Soviets Union sent the first human to space, At 62 when the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, 65 years old when the Soviets collapsed. And Vladmir Putin came to power when she was 73.

All her experience happened in different decades of the world. She passed on peaceful at her Palace in Balmoral on the 8th September 2022.

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