This Ukrainian fighting Russian forces tells the seriousness of the Invasion

This man enlisting in the Ukrainian army speak volumes


This Ukrainian fighting Russian forces tells the seriousness of the invasion.

A picture of a 55year man has emerged on the Internet. The man’s condition has got many talking on social media. Despite his condition, he joined the Ukrainian army to fight Russian soldiers after they invaded their beautiful country three weeks ago.

He saw how Russian forces invaded Ukraine and volunteered to fight for Ukraine.

War journalist, Panomarenko shared a picture of the 555year man whose name is Vasyl Shyefko.

“The man’s name is Vasyl Shyefko of Ukraine’s 128th Mountain Infantry Brigade. He’s 55 and volunteered to serve” he posted

There are reports that he lost both legs in battle years ago. But still volunteered to fight for his country, makes him a hero.

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Here are some reactions on social media (twitter)

“Ukrainians are showing the world what it means to love your country, democracy and freedom. These things have a high price, blood” (Panamafelix0412)

“Absolutely heartbreaking. Maybe the best war photo I’ve ever seen. Stand with Ukraine” (TheTrumpbib)

“My God this is the very definition of a hero. He has already been through a war. He lost both his legs yet he volunteered to save Ukraine. He has the heart of a lion” (Leedetail1)

“I hope Ukraine will consider accepting NATO is a minor partner into a new alliance that Ukraine leads after this war is won. Ukraine is unconquerable. Ukraine has become the moral leader of the free world”

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