Thomas Partey accused of rape by his Moroccan girlfriend

Well known Ghanaian footballer and Arsenal squad, Thomas Partey made a trip to Germany for the beginning of their pre-season matches a couple of days prior and Thomas Partey who is one of their headliners was not in the squad that went on the journey according to columnist Chris Wheatley. Thomas Partey not being in the Arsenal squad that went to Germany welcomed a ton of hypotheses via social media because of the trending news that has been circulating on social media.

A Daily Mail report a couple of days prior confirmed that a Premier League player in his late 20s, had been arrested one allegation in North London subsequently this welcoming a deal of rumors on goes around via social media foundation of football allies. This report asserted that this specific incident happened last month and that they were contemplating whether that specific player would have the option to go with his colleagues abroad for pre-season since most Premier League clubs have left England this week.

Some football fans via social media began making forecasts that the Premier League player being referred to could have been Arsenal’s Thomas Partey despite the fact that no dependable news organization has affirmed this. Thomas Partey has posted via social media interestingly since these unverified charges began.

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Thomas Partey accused of rape by his Moroccan girlfriend

The image posted is him in the Arsenal unit with the subtitles discussing the pre-season game against Nurnberg. The game is at present on going yet he’s neither on the seat or in the beginning eleven.

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