Thomas Tuchel openly blames Romelu Lukaku for his poor performance (Video)

TT says Lukaku sticks to his style of play

Thomas Tuchel openly blames Romelu Lukaku for abysmal performance

Chelsea Coach, Thomas Tuchel openly blames Romelu Lukaku for his abysmal performance at Crystal Palace over the weekend. He touched the ball only seven times for 90 minutes of play plus stoppage time. Read more

Talking to Sky Sports after the match, Thomas Tuchel revealed it was not the system or tactics of play but rather Lukaku not changing his style of play.

“No, no it’s not about the system. Well, it is what it is. But for him, there is no change of system because its the same attacking structure” Tuchel said.

He also admits his team struggled to win the match and hope they would perform better in future matches.

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“We struggled and I did not over expect from as today. We struggled because I know where we come from. We had two extra times to play in last two weeks in the cup and world cup. We have different of temperature , huge. Everybody feels a bit of cold. The players get a strong home team here in Crystal Palace so I did not over expect it. I think we were solid especially defensively, we were very discipline but of course we can play better but we got the three points and this is very important for us”

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