Thousands of women across America protest against new laws in several States that restrict abortion rights (Video)

Tens of thousands of women across United States protest against new laws in several States that restrict abortion laws.

The women especially the young, want abortion to be legalized in America. This is the first major women’s march since President Biden resumed office. The women are demanding continued access to abortion. But they fear the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling could ruin everything as Conservatives control Supreme Court.

The ladies believe abortion is a human right and must be given that right to terminate pregnancies at their prime or early stage.

The demonstrators gather in large numbers outside United States Supreme Court building in Washington, holding placards with inscriptions ‘I love someone who had an abortion, bans of my body, pro freedom pro justice pro choice and many other writings.

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The march was organised to protest the extreme abortion laws being being passed in the United States. Taxas and some States have already passed a bill on abortion rights. While some women protest so they can make amendments and also prevent other States from following suite, others think it is still very cruel and heartless to ‘prevent a child from being born’. To many, the child has a right to live just like any other person. But some have also argued it is just a blood clott and not a baby at an early stage of pregnancy.

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