Tiktok suspends uploads and livestreams in Russia

Tiktok limits its service in Russia

Tiktok suspends uploads and livestreams in Russia

Tiktok suspends uploads and livestreams in Russia according to reports.

Chinese video platform Tiktok tweeted hours ago that it has limited some of the company’s features in Russia. The company said the decision was necessary following the country’s implementation of “fake news” law.

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Russia has adopted a new law that anyone who spreads ‘fake news’ or misinformation in wake of current happenings could face a 15year jail term. The law was introduced after President Putin ordered Russian military to invade Ukraine.

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“in light of Russia’s new ‘fake news’, we have no choice but to suspend livestreaming and new content to our video service while we review the safety implications of this law. Our in app messaging service will not be affected. We will continue to evaluate the evolving circumstances in Russia to determine when we might fully resume our services with safety as our top priority” the social media company posted.

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