Tithing is not Biblical, I made a mistake – Creflo Dollar

The renowned American preacher boldly tells his congregation to throw away evey single piece of souvenirs in their possession as far as his teachings on tithe is concern

Creflo Dollar told his church members he is grown-up and still growing, and he feel it’s time to apologize to them for his teachings on tithing all these years.

The American Preacher demands that, all his church members do away with all tapes, videos, book or anything he gifted the church about tithing. In a video circulating on social media, Creflo Dollar asked his church members to go back home and destroy everything in regards to his teachings on tithing.

There have been several controversies and teachings in regards to tithing. Though most Christians believe its Biblical and mandatory for every believer to pay tithe, some still remain reserved and continue to have doubts on tithing. Some keep asking questions with no answers or credible information/s to rely on.

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Some also believe they make several donations to the needy and the vulnerable so paying tithe is needless.

For instance in 2018, Ghanaian actor, farmer, politician and an entrepreneur, John Dumelo caused a public conversation when he tweeted about tithing. The politician told his audience he gives his tithe to the needy and he sees nothing wrong with that.

“I give my tithes to the needy most of the time. I think they need more than the church. I don’t know what is wrong” he tweeted in 2018

His statement generated a lot of conversations from divergent views. Maybe it’s time to take critical look at it again, especially when a renowned man of God has come up to tell his congregation.

“I want to start by saying to y’all that I’m still growing and teachings that I’ve shared in times passed on the subject of tithing were not correct, and today I stand in humility to correct somethings that I’ve thought years and believe for years but could never understand it clearly because I’ve not yet been confronted with the gospel of grace which has made the difference” Creflo Dollar said.

The American Preacher have come to believe Religion is sustained by two factors. And the church have over the years successfully and religiously preached about tithing, instilling fear and guilt amongst Christians. He also said though he’s remorseful, he’s not ashamed because “it has to be corrected now. Yes I may lose se friends, preachers may not invite me no more but I think it doesn’t matter”

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“I will say that I have no shame at all as saying to you, throw every book, every tape and every video I ever did on the subject tithing”

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