Top 10 countries with the most nuclear weapons

Here’s a list of top 10 counties with most nuclear weapons

Here’s a brief list of top 10 countries with the most nuclear weapons worldwide

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10. IRAN

Iran is the 10th most nuclear power countries in the world.

The nation is still developing nuclear weapons and is yet to have some according to reports. Iran signed the Nuclear Devastation Agreement with the United States. No one is sure of the number of Iran’s nuclear power. The second largest Muslim nation have massive uranium programme which has been secret for decades.

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North Korea has a nuclear power programme. It is estimated to have an arsenal of approximately 30 to 40 nuclear weapons in 2022. Official reports states NK has 50 nuclear weapons

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Israel developed nuclear weapons as far back as 1960s. And has maintained a policy of nuclear capacity of not officially confirming the existence of its nuclear programme. But official reports say it has 90

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In December 18, 2021 India tested its new Agni-P medium range ballistic missile from its Integrated Test Range on Abdul Kalam Island. India currently have 156 nuclear weapons

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Pakistan currently have 165 nuclear weapons. Reports that Pakistan took advantage of the Atoms and Peace programme by sending students abroad for training in nuclear technologies.

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United Kingdom was the third country in the world to test a nuclear weapon. It currently possesses four balistic missile submarines. The United Kingdom presently have 225 nuclear weapons

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France presently have 290 nuclear weapons. France also tested its first nuclear weapons in 1960, and is one of five nuclear States recognised under the NPT. France currently possess the world’s fouth largest nuclear stockpile.

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China is constructing ‘fast breeder reactors and reprocessing facilities’ that that will Increase its capacity to produce plutonium to support this expansion. China is constructing more related weapons and currently have 350 nuclear weapons

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The United States is second on the list. America has an estimated 5,50 nuclear weapons in either development stage or finished stage

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Russia tops the list with approximately 6,257 nuclear weapons. Russia can launch from missile submarines or aircraft. Russia spent $8billion to build and maintain its nuclear forces

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