Tragic: 10 Afghans killed in U.S air strike, targeting ISIS includes 7 children

The 10 people killed in U.S drone strike, targeting ISIS includes children below five years according to reports. America says it is still investigating the incident.

American drones fired missiles on Sunday, targeting ISIS. There were reports that ISIS was going to carry out another explosion at the Kabul airport.

An article published by Los Angeles Times reveals how the air strike killed 10 people including children.

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“As he pulled into the driveway about 4:30pm, children, his own as well as those of his brothers and other relatives swarmed around Ahmadi’s Toyota Corolla. His 12year old son, Farzad asked asked if he could park the car. Ahmadi obliged, put Farzad in the driver’s seat and switched to the passenger side” Los Angeles Times said in the article.

According to reports, Ezmari Ahmadi had just closed from work and arrived home when the tragic incident happened.

it’s sad that all these children including the elderly were all from the same family or relatives.

Read full article here by Mytimes

All the 10 bodies being buried today. One journalist Aikins who writes for Mytimes visited the family hit by the air strike, shares agonizing picture of a family member

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