Trumper who stormed Capitol wants his judge to subpoena Donald Trump

Trumper demands that his judge subpoena Trump and his attorney’s

Trumper who stormed Capitol wants his judge to subpoena Donald Trump

Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol after the 2020 elections were declared

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A Trumper has come out to subpoena former President of the United States, Donald John Trump and his attorney’s. He demands that Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon and Trump himself face the law

Donald Trump supporters invaded Capitol after his speech. In a speech to his supporters, President Trump told his supporters the only way to take their country back was through force and strength but not weakness. This statement from the former President generated mixed reactions among many Americans. A year on, Democrats still propose that the former President face the law.

The President hours after, tweeted a video saying his supporters should stay calm and desist from attacking the Capitol and Senators, and to cease from any form of violence.

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“A Trumper who stormed the Capitol on January 6 demands that his judge subpoena Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon, and even send the US Marshals to round them up, so they can testify about their planning and execution of the insurrection” Occupy Democrats posted

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