Turkey Syria earthquake: Conflicting reports on Christian Atsu as death toll surpass 3000. Here’s what we know

Reports surrounding Turkey Syria earthquake is very devastating after World Health Organization confirmed number of deaths and casualties

Former Black Stars winger, Christian Atsu is one of many people who have been trapped under the rubble after a 7.8 and 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey and Syria regions, killing over 3000 people. Though World Health Organization estimated the number of deaths to be around 2300, The Gaurdian, BBC, Aljazeera.com and other major newspapers are reporting over 3000 deaths.

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According to reports, former Premier league footballer Christian Atsu was on the ninth floor together with his colleagues in one of the buildings that had collapsed during the tragic natural disaster. (Video)

While three of his colleagues have been rescued, Christian Atsu, together with his other colleagues are yet to be uncovered from the rubble reports said. This was confirmed about 14 hours ago

Hours later news broke out that he had been found but suffered injuries on the right leg and also having problems in breathing, and had been rushed to a nearby hospital. Here are tweets from individuals and news outlets confirming it.

Ghanaian Sports journalist tweeted a while ago, saying he’s still in touch with “Christian Atsu’s management” and he can confirm the “player has been found and taken to the hospital”

However, one Turkiye sports journalist, Yagiz Sabuncouglu confirmed the player is yet to be found. According to him, Hatayspor manager Mustafa Ozat revealed the player and the club’s sporting director have not been pulled out from the wreckage. “Unfortunately, Christian Atsu and our sporting director Taner Savit are still under the rubble”.

As of now, a search team is still working tirelessly to rescue them, he said.

Well wishes across the world especially his countrymen continue to wish the player well.

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