Twitter deletes Kanye West’s “death con 3 on Jewish people” post

Kanye West (Ye), is back on twitter after 2years of being away

Social media platform, Twitter has deleted a post of Kanye West, suggesting “death con 3 on Jewish people”

Kanye posted on twitter he was going to bed and when he wake up, he’ll be “going death con 3 on” them.

Though the American rapper explain he can’t be antisemitic, many believe his attack on Jewish people was unnecessary and must issue unqualified apology to Jews.

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Ye also suggested he can’t be antisemitic because he’s actually a Jew because he’s a black man. And though his also a Jew, he has been rejected and “toyed” with him and “whoever opposes their agenda”

Here’s his post

Many Americans and jews have condemned his statement even hours after twitter took it down. Below are some comments

“Kanye’s gotta be the first man in history ro announce his bid for Presidency amd then publicly threaten Jewish people in 24 hours” Braden

“Can’t believe the White lives matter guy also hates Jewish people, wow this has never happened before”

“Hello, Jewish people are going to see your comment about Kanye’s tweets. Think carefully before you decide to participate in this discourse. Because truly we have suffered enough” Erin Biba

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