Twitter, Facebook, Fox News are all successful because of me – Trump edge CNN to open a Conservative network

January 6 insurrection

45th President of the United States Donald Trump is of the view that Fox News, Twitter and Facebook have been very successful because of him

45th President of America Donald Trump as a ‘Trumpter’ (The first Trump supporter), is blowing his own trumpet, this time revealing American companies like Twitter been doing extremely well because of him. The former US President released a statement about an hour ago, saying social media giants Twitter, Facebook and news outlet, Fox News have all been very successful because of his charismatic nature.

In the statement, the former president advised CNN to “open up a Conservative network” which they will only have him on, “which will be the most successful network in history” Trump said.

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Trump believe Twitter and Facebook made it because of his huge following. He had over 80million followers alone before his suspension from the platform after the insurrection on January 6th. According to him, his suspension from these platforms caused great damage to the brands, hence affecting their revenue especially Facebook.

According to him Facebook alone has lost $90 billion in value since his suspension from the platform.

Full statement below

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