Twitter introduce Spark audio creator program to help hosts & boost Spaces

Twitter has introduced Spark audio creator program to help hosts and boost spaces.

Twitter says this initiative will help creators who have interest in ‘social audio’ have excited moments. The giant social media platform is asking users, who are creators to start applying by October 22, 2021.

Twitter introduced fleets months ago and later announced it was going to take that feature off and bring something more interesting and fascinating. Weeks after, Twitter space was repackaged. And creators and user of the social media platform are really enjoying the feature.

“Today we’re opening the application process for the Twitter Space Spark Program. It’s an initiative for creators who are excited about the future of social audio” twitter posted from its Twitter Space handle.

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“Hosts who are selected will be supported not only with money but also with opportunities to grow your audience and get your Spaces discovered by more people so if you engaging ways to host recurring Spaces, we wanna support you. We’re excited to learn from this program and explore more ways to support creators across twitter” the statement said

Source: Twitter

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