Two Americans were killed while fighting in Ukraine

One of two Americans killed in a Russian tank trap in Ukraine “didn’t go there to be a legend,” as per his parents — who over and over implored him to get back home from the disaster area.

Two Americans were killed while fighting in Ukraine

Doctor Luke Lucyszyn, a father of two named “Luke Skywalker” by the Ukrainians he was helping, was harmed by Russian shelling on Monday last week, his leader, Ruslan Miroshnichenko, confirmed on the web.

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At the point when others attempted to rescue him, they were trapped by a Russian tank — killing Lucyszyn alongside without a doubt three other
foreign fighters, including 51-year-old American veteran Bryan Young, the officer said.

Lucyszyn, 31, felt a sense of urgency to help since his dad, George Lucyszyn, is a Ukrainian currently living in North Carolina, the father told NBC News.

In any case, “he didn’t go there to be a legend. He was there since he needed to help individuals,” his mom, Kathryn Lucyszyn, told the station, demanding they “attempted to prevent him” from going.

“Each time I conversed with him, I said, ‘Why you just return home?'” his father reviewed.

Retaliating tears, the surgeon’s lamenting mother reviewed how “simply seven days before he was killed, he continued sending us notes saying, ‘Mother, we don’t have the right hardware.'”

He even requested her to “send me a strategic vest,” reviewed the mother, who said they were stirred last Tuesday at 4 a.m. by authorities from the US State Department with insight about their devastating misfortune.

Young’s wife confirmed to CBS News that the Californian was the other American confirmed dead in battling. They were killed close by a Canadian and a Swedish contender who were likewise trapped while attempting to save Lucyszyn in Donbas locale.

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