Two more British men captured in Ukraine facing death penalty

Two additional British men who fought for the Ukrainian troops and who are at present being held by supportive of Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine could confront capital punishments after they were blamed for being hired fighters.

Russian-back prosecutor in the occupied territories of Ukraine have charged Andrew Hill and Dylan Healy with “effective capture of force”, and going through “fear monger” preparing, as per a state news organization in Russian-controlled Donetsk.

Two more British men captured in Ukraine facing death penalty

The charges ignited an enraged reaction from the British government. “We censure the double-dealing of detainees of battle for political purposes and have raised this with Russia,” a representative for the Foreign Office said in an explanation. “We are in steady contact with the public authority of Ukraine on their cases and are completely strong of Ukraine in its endeavors to get them delivered.”

Under the Geneva shows, caught warriors ought to be others consciously treated consistently. Common freedoms campaigners blamed Russia for taking advantage of their catch to apply discretionary tension on the west.

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“The possibilities of Healy and Hill getting a fair preliminary in either the Donetsk People’s Republic or in Russia itself are vanishingly little,” said Kristyan Benedict, Amnesty International UK’s emergency reaction director. “Except if the specialists present obvious proof that Healy and Hill are embroiled in atrocities, this hoax legal cycle ought to be stopped right away.”

Hill, who was distinguished as a dad of four from Plymouth, has been marched on Russian TV in a few clips, including one that circulated last month with the title: “Restrictive – before the execution.”

In the clip, he seemed to have been informed he might have to deal with criminal penalties, saying that he was being “confined here as a thought soldier of fortune”.

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