Tyson Fury compared himself to Antony Joshua for a fight

Gypsy King mocks Antony Joshua in a new post, wants a fight

● Tyson Fury compared himself to Antony Joshua for a fight

● The Gypsy King mocks six pak Antony Joshua and called him for a fight

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Tyson Fury has called Antony Joshua for a fight after the former dared him in a post. Gypsy King posted a picture of him and Antony Joshua on his social platforms comparing their successes over the years. He revealed he got all the belts in his career whilst Antony Joshua has zero belts.

24w 31w

2L 0L

0 belts All the belts

6 ABS though 0 ABS

Gypsy King posted on social media, making his comparisons.

Gypsy King defeated Deontay Wilder in their trio battle in October 2021 after 12 rounds of fearless fight. Maybe it’s time for that Tyson Fury vs Antony Joshua fight many people around the world have been waiting for. People anticipated the fight last year but it never came on.

Now that the third fight between Fury and Wilder has happened, maybe it’s time for that of Gypsy and Wilder

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