U.S pilot and crew allowed over 640 Afghanistan refugees onboard as Taliban fighters take power control

About 640 Afghanistan refugees were allowed by United States pilot and crew after Taliban take control of the country. A very sad and disturbing footage went viral on social media. In the video, Afghans are seen climbing up onto a U.S military aircraft who was just about to take off. It is also reported that about two people if not more, fell off while the aircraft was already in the air.

(Video) Humanitarian crisis looms in Afghanistan as citizens are desperate to leave after Taliban forces take control of country

Globemaster C17 carrying five time its passenger limit sadly shows the seriousness of Afghanistan crisis and how many Afghans are willing to flee.

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Many have showered the pilot and his crew members with praise for allowing over 640 Afghans to join the aircraft. Taliban fighters are back to power 20years after America’s invasion in 2001. Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani had left the country. Hours after he left, Taliban fighters were captured at the Presidential Palace making merry.

Speaking on the escalation, President Biden said it was the right decision his administration made because there was no reason for American military to stay and fight when President Ashrah Ghani and Afghan troops couldn’t

watch Biden’s address below https://www.facebook.com/109746051257366/posts/168312168734087/

But former President Trump had blame him for Afghanistan woes, demanding his resignation Resign in disgrace for what you have allowed to happen in Afghanistan – Donald Trump blast President Biden

If you’re wondering how Taliban forces were able to takeover power control, here’s an article below (Video) Taliban fighters topple Afghanistan troops, take over Kabul. ‘Islamic law will take over the world’ Commander

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