Ukraine and Russia lost 1300 and 12000 troops respectively since the war begun

Nearly 14000 soldiers have died since the Ukraine Russian war begun

Ukraine and Russia lost 1300 and 12000 troops respectively since the war begun

News reaching can confirm that Ukraine and Russia lost 1300 and 12000 soldiers since the war broke out between these two European countries.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky earlier said the country had lost 1300 soldiers nearly three weeks ago. But according to him, the number Russian soldiers who died far exceed that of Ukraine. Hours later the country’s defense ministry reported that over 12000 Russian soldiers have died.

Those who suffer most when there is war anywhere in the world are civilians. And there have been several civilian casualties.

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Over 2.8 million people have fled Ukraine to other European neighbouring countries reports say. The UK government said it is possible to use the confiscated homes of Russian Oligarchs as refugee camps. Read more: Reasons Roman Abramovich’s £150m mansion could be used to host Ukrainian refugees

“Total combat of Russian aggressors in Ukraine (approximation): 12000+ soldiers, 374 tanks, 1224 armored vehicles, 140 artillery systems, 62 rocket systems, 34 anti-aircraft systems, 74 planes, 86 helicopters, 600 military motor vehicles and three ships”

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