Ukraine army confirm they have killed another Russian commander

Another Russian commander have been killed by Ukraine forces

Ukraine army confirm they have killed another Russian commander

Ukraine army confirm they have killed Colonel Alexei Sharov, commander of the 810th Marine Brigade.

Reports say Colonel Alexei Sharov was killed near Mariupol City hours ago.

He has become the seventh top Russian military official to be killed by Ukraine forces since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine armed forces have already killed six of them. Colonel Alexei’s demise makes it the seven top Russian Commander on the Ukrainian list.

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“Ukraine armed forces claim they have liquidated the next top Russian officer, a commander of the 810th Russian Marines Brigade Col. Alexei Sharov. He was killed while storming the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol on Arov Sea” Victor Kovalenko, a Ukrainian army veteran who is also a journalist posted.

Kremlin officials published earlier that the Russian Federation have now lost over 15000 soldiers since the invasion but the supposed article was quickly deleted by the website. They later said the website has been hacked. Ukraine officials have earlier said Russian army have lost nearly 13000 soldiers: Ukraine and Russia lost 1300 and 12000 troops respectively since the war begun

They later argued the publication by Kremlin could be true since more Russian soldiers have died day after their statement. Killing a top Russian official could be dangerous for the Russian army since they will have no commander to be in charge. And should this trend continue, Ukraine may win the war.

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