Ukraine confirm killing of another Russian General

Ukraine says they have killed another Russian GENERAL


Ukraine confirm KILLING of another Russian GENERAL.

General Yakov Ryezantsev is now the 8th top Russian military officer who has been killed by Russian soldiers.

Reports say General Yakov Ryezantsev was killed by Ukraine soldiers in Chornobaivka. He gave up the ghost during an “intense fighting just north of Kjerson”

Advisor to the head of Ukraine’s Presidency, Oleksiy Arestovych confirmed it hours ago.

Seven top Russian military men were killed earlier. Read related articles below

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Ukraine army confirm they have killed another Russian commander

Yakov Ryezantsev was Russia’s 49th Combined Arms Army, CAA commander of the Southern Military District.

“As a result of Ukrainian strike on the command post of 49th Russian Army on the South of Ukraine, at least one Russian General was killed. Presidential aide A. Ayestovych” Victor Kovalenko said.

The special Presidential aide said Yakov Ryezantsev was one of the notorious Generals who murdered several civilians in Mariupol.

“This is most likely the notorious murderer of civilians in Mariupol, Lt. General Yakov Ryezantsev”

There have been several civilian deaths in Ukraine since the fight began, especially in the city of Mariupol.

Last week, Russian soldiers bomed a theatre centre. After investigations were conducted to ascertain the number of deaths, it has been confirmed at least 300 civilians died according BBC.

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