Ukraine Foreign minister blame NATO for “doing nothing to counter Russia”

Dmytro Kuleba said NATO could not help Ukraine when the asked for a no-fly zone

Ukraine foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba blames North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO for literally doing nothing for counter Russian aggression

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Weeks into the war, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky demanded that, a no fly zone across Ukraine was necessary to stop Russian aggression but NATO and and West said it was not possible because it could trigger a world war III. Do you think a no fly zone over Ukraine could trigger a world war III?. Read Why President Zelensky want a no fly zone over Ukraine

Speaking at World Economic Foreign forum, Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba revealed NATO did very little kr nothing at all.

According to him, NATO failed to close the skies when they needed it most. So why is it that now they want the ports be opened for exports.

“If Nato did not close the skies over Ukraine at the most tragic moments of the war, why would they now open the sea so that exports could leave without barriers?. Nato as an alliance, as an institution is completely sidelined. I’m sorry to say it” The foreign minister said. The Ukrainian politician have been instrumental in finding solutions to Putin’s war. He honoured and organized series of meetings, engaging world leaders on the way forward and how lobbying for Ukraine for the supply of weapons etc.

Russia now wants its sanctions to be lifted in exchange of unblocking Ukrainian food exports but according to Dmytro Kuleba, its absolute blackmail by Russia and warned world leaders to not fall victim.

“Any foreign politician or official who may think of accepting this game should first visit the graves and killed Ukrainian children and talk to their parents”

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