Ukraine Foreign Minister blast Johnson & Johnson for sponsoring Russia war

Ukrainian foreign affairs minister blast Jonson and Jonson


Ukraine foreign minister blast Johnson & Johnson for sponsoring Russia war. The Ukrainian minister of foreign affairs, Dmytro Kuleba has hit hard at pharmaceutical company for doing business in Russia while the country has waged war on Ukraine, and killing innocent civilians.

The minister argues the company is working and paying tax to the Russian government which sponsors the war. Dmytro Kuleba said the big pharmaceutical company refused “to pull out of Russia and chose to make bloody profits”

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“By refusing to pull out of Russia, Johnson & Johnson chose to make bloody profits” he posted on twitter.

The Ukrainian government official emphasized that, the monies they make in Russia are used “to murder innocent men, women, children and elderly”.

Russian soldiers invaded Ukraine on February 24th and since then, over 10million people have been displaced according to the United Nations: Ten million people have fled Ukraine amidst Russia war – UN

The Ukrainian government official went on to advise the company to quickly “change their minds” for the better. Several companies have pulled out of Russia after the attack.

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“Johnson & Johnson must change their minds. Do the right thing. Choose humanity, not war crimes” he said.

For now, Russia continues its operations in Ukraine, with several casualties including little children and the elderly.

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