Ukraine puts first Russian soldier on war crimes trial

21year old Vadym Shyshimarin is the first Russian soldier to be put on trial by Ukrainians.

Ukrainian government have opened its first war crimes trial after a young Russian soldier is accused of shooting an elderly man.

A 21year Russian old soldier, Vadym Shyshimarin is on war crimes trial for killing a 62year old Ukrainian civilian.

Vadym Shyshimarin killed the old man on February 28, 2022, just four days into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He admitted to have shot the 62year old man with AK-74 rifle through the window of a car they had stolen.

Ukrainian officials said his case was one of its first kind as he’s the first Russian to have admitted to have killed a Ukrainian civilian. He is currently facing a life jail term on charges of violating the rules of conduct of war.

A district Court in Ukrainian capital Kyiv, Solomyanskiy District booked his first hearing that will be open to the general public on May 18, 2022.

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CNN news reporter, Melissa Bell shared a video of proceedings from Kyiv’s Solomyanskiy District Court room on her twitter page.

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