Ukraine recieves badly hurt POWs in a swap deal as Russia faces defeat (Video)

A Ukrainian POW badly hurt in Russian camp but smiles after being freed

Ukraine and Russia finally make their first POWs deal since the beginning of the war in February 24th

About 280 Ukrainian POWs were released on September 21st according to Ukrainian officials. The prisoners also include 10 foreigners, including two Americans and 215 Ukraine fighters.

Many of the prisoners are believed to have fought in Mariupol, precisely Azovstal. The fighters surrendered to Russian troops months ago when things became overwhelmed. Their commander had earlier a message before they were finally captured.

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The prisoners who have been freed complained bitterly of how they were badly treated in Russian camps. In return, Ukraine also released 55 Russian soldiers including a close Putin ally. Though its all Ukrainian captives released, its a great move as these gallant soldiers will seee their families ones again after months of being away.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said top cocommanders will remain in Turkiye for sometime. It was a very beautiful atmosphere when families met their loved ones.

Below is a video shared by Nextra of one the POWs Oleksandr Kravtsov when he met his lovely wife, Maryna hours ago.

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