Ukraine troops defending Kharkiv reach Russian border

A U.S expert says Ukraine could win the war

Ukraine troops defending Kharkiv have reached Russian border after weeks of Russian shelling. Reports that, Kharkiv was one of the towns that was most hit by Russian bombs but that appears to be over.

Ukraine troops have been able to push them out of the city. They have pushed the Russian army towards the border and have liberated the city. A U.S expert earlier warned the Russian army will not last in Ukraine weeks to come. According to him, the Ukrainian army have been weaponized by the West so much so that, the Ukrainian army could now be able to push Russian units back along a broader front. And could eventually win the war.

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Yesterday, Ukrainian army was able to reach the Russian border as the 227th battalion of the 127th territorial defense brigade successfully made it in the Kharkiv region.

The Ukrainian army broadcast a live video, displaying their successful reach to the world. “Mr. President, we reached Ukraine’s state border with the enemy state. Mr. President, we made it” the gallant soldiers said. Watch video below

A Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tsaplienko who works for 1+1 TV two days ago posted a picture to illustrate how Ukrainian army now controls the northern part of Kharkiv through to the Russian border.

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