Ukraine urge America to impose sanctions on Russia

Zelensky said NATO allies sanctioning Russia will bring peace

Ukraine urge America to impose sanctions on Russia

Ukraine urge America and all its NATO allies to impose sanctions on Russia

News reaching gathered by CNN reporter, Natasha Bertrand tells how President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky is grateful how NATO allies are ready to impose sanctions on Russia if it invades Ukraine.

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NATO alies were earlier worried about President Zelensky leaving Ukraine for Munich to attend a conference. Meeting US Vice President, Kamala Harris in Germany, Munich, Zelensky said the Ukrainian people are grateful for their support. And also grateful how NATO alies are ready to sanction Russia.

“As regards to the sanction policy, we are grateful to you for your understanding that the sanctions may bring about a peaceful resolution of this matter” Zelensky told Kamala Harris according to Natasha.

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“Today, we do need specific steps, specific support. We are getting support from you in supporting our defense capacity, our army” Zelensky said in about 40 minutes meeting, revealing how the Ukrainian people take it seriously.

“This is something we are prepared to discuss because this is something that we are very interested in”

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Vice President Kamara Harris had earlier warned Russia of Ukraine invasion, saying they will not hesitate to sanction Russia.

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