Ukrainian government release names of Russian Brigade that commit atrocities in Bucha

Ukraine government makes list of Russian soldiers who committed heinous crimes in Bucha


Ukrainian government release names of Russian Brigade that commit atrocities in Bucha. Ukrainian officials have released the names of Russian Brigade that committed atrocities in Ukrainian suberb, Bucha.

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The list includes names of top Russian commanders who gave orders to Russian soldiers in these affected cities. Cities affected include Mariupol, Bucha and other cities close to Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Over 5000 civilians have been killed by Russian soldiers according to Ukrainian government. Families were buried together in graves in Bucha for instance. There are reports of Russian soldiers capturing Ukrainian civilians and gang raping mothers in front of their children, something many world leaders have described as genocidal and war crimes. Read what world leaders are saying. What is the world saying about Russia’s atrocities in Bucha?

The statement also said these top Russian commanders are being returned to Ukraine. “Russian service men who committed atrocities in Bucha are being returned again to Ukraine”

“As of April 4, the Brigade had been withdrawn from Ukraine to Belarus and was near the town of Mozyr. Ukraine and international investigators are currently documenting numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity, committed by the Russian armed forces. And no criminal occupier will escape proper punishment”

Here’s a list of commanders who led Russian armed forces to commit this atrocities.

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