Ukrainian mother writes contact details at the back of her toddler baby

The love of a good mother remains unmatched


As Ukrainian residents face massive bombardments from Russian occupiers in parts of Ukraine, a ‘good mother’ decides to scribble her contact information at the back of her two year old child.

Here is a picture of the little angel below

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The Ukrainian mother took this step for easy identification of her daughter incase she get separated from her.

Her decision to scribble her informations, including her home address, telephone number etc. A good mother will do anything to save her child from harms way. Many families have been separated from each other since Russian offensive begun in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian mother who have been identified as Aleksander Makoviy told news reporters she was not the only mother who decided to take such a step. According to her, there were equally mothers who wrote emergency contact details on their children since Russian offensive started.

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Here’s an account she gave. “I couldn’t sleep or even drink water. I suffered no physical injuries but mentally. I think i have post traumatic disorder” she said.

Aleksander said her beautiful daughter sees it as something normal because her in her family, almost everyone is an artist, and they have been practicing it for a while. She will from time to time paint with markers so she taught it was just one of those occasions and besides, she is very young to know what’s really going on.

“We are a family of artists and she is used to playing with paints and markers so she thought we were playing. Ad when she saw it, she said ah ABC” Aleksander Makoviy detailed.

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