Ukrainian soldiers got married before heading to fight Russia

Two beautiful soldiers got married in the Ukrainian army

Ukrainian soldiers got married before heading to fight Russia

A lovely picture of these two Ukrainian soldiers have surfaced on the Internet. The young couple got married hours before heading to the battle field to fight Russian soldiers.

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The young soldiers want to stay committed to one another in bad and good times. Before they head on to battle to defend their country, they decided to marry.

You may not know what will happen in the end. As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said “life and light will prevail over death and darkness”, the Ukrainian people are very optimistic but war can turn people apart, some you may never see again.

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In as much as many will be rooting for them to come back unharmed to make a family together, it is also likely they may not make it. It is likely only one may return. But the most beautiful thing is love. They love each other and have decided to stay together forever

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