A Man from Congo Marries Step Mother After Father Dies, Says They’re Happy Together

A picture of Umweze and Nabusane together

A 65 year old man from the Democratic Republic of Congo took his step mother to be his wife.

Umweze developed feelings for his step lom Nabunase who was also interested in her step son after her husband died.

Unweze paid the bride price of Nabusane and took her as his wife despite facing criticism from the community.



Some children are brought up by step parents who sime are loving while others maltreat them.

A man from Democratic Republic of Congo seemed to have a different encounter with stepmother.

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Umweze’ mum dies

umweze who was brought up by Nabusane, his father’s step wife ended up by taking her as a wife .

The 65 year old man grew up in a stable family having both mother and father and a sister, as narrated by Afrimax English .

However , his biological mum passed away on when he and his sister were adult and it left a gap.

While they were fine with living without a mother their father , Usake desired to marry again.

Umweze’s dad remarried

Usage visited Nabusane’s home when she was a young girl and said he is interested in marrying her.

He paid the bride price of one goat and took her to be his wife , and Umweze step mum.

Two years later, Umweze’s father passed away, and they were left alone in the little house.

Developing feelings

Umweze and Nabusane lived as step mother and step son for a while until their relationship started growing stronger.

Living in a single room meant they would dress and undress before each other, factor’s lead to the catching feelings for themselves.

The feelings got stronger and they could longer hide their lobe , Umweze went to pay the bride price for Nabusane and took her as his wife.



Although criticism came he said he was happy about his decision and both of them are proud to have made the love reach the public. Their freedom came at a price as many in the society are complaining, while others are questioning why Umweze could not pick another girl.

The couple does not have a child and many said it was because they went against violated cultural standards.

They both couldn’t get married because no priest or leader would join members of the same family.

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