United Nations to raise $600million for Afghanistan after Taliban power seizure

United Nations to raise $600 million for the people Afghanistan after Taliban takeover. The organization on Monday September 13 said it is working so donor countries and other international bodies will come onboard to help Afghan people. ‘A high level envoy as described by General Secretary of UN, Antonio Guterres was held at Geneva, Switzerland.

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Antonio Guterres days ago said the humanitarian sitution in Afghanistan will be very devastating if international community do not intervene. According to him, ‘there is a looming humanitarian catastrophe’ if proper interventions are not implemented. (Video) Afghanistan faces a looming humanitarian catastrophe – UN Secretary General to hold a ‘high level’ conference

UN said together with its partners across the world, they are hoping to “accumulate $606 million for the reminder of the year to aid 11 million people in a flash and appeal for Afghans ” The Hill

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