United States Germany and France are sending more fighting vehicles to Ukraine

The United States and Germany announce joint military aid to Ukraine

The United States Germany and France came up with a decision to supply Ukraine with more fighting vehicles. In a joint statement, both countries came into an agreement after a telephone call between United States President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Several US experts and former Generals have been advocating for more weapons to be supplied to Ukraine. According to them, that is the only way Russia can be defeated. They argue that, Russia will continue to kill more innocent civilians if the West refuse to supply ammunitions to Ukraine so they can properly defend themselves. Few of these former American Generals include General Hodges and General David Petraeus.

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France earlier announced it was sending tanks to Ukraine. Hours later, United States and Germany joined. Meanwhile in March last year just a month afte Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Joe Biden announced that “the idea that the United States will send offensive equipment and have tanks and trains going in with American pilots and crews is called World War III”. Let’s also make it clear his statement was mainly focused on American pilots and crews entering Ukraine which is currently not the case.

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Former President of the United States Donald Trump also warned Putin’s invasion of Ukraine could trigger World War III. Read more Putin invading Ukraine could lead to World War III – Trump.

Jointly, the United States and Germany will provide Patriot anti-aircraft missile battery to Ukraine. Separately, the US will provide Bradley fighting vehicles to Ukraine. Germany on the other hand provide Marder fighting vehicles. Read more on Russian aggression.

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