US intelligence reveals Russia planning Ukraine’s annexation

US intelligence had revealed that Russia is planning Ukraine’s annexation and legitimatizing installing proxy officials under Its control.

Ukraine’s annexation is what Putin would like to do to capture Ukraine’s territories

US intelligence reveals Russia planning Ukraine's annexation

Russia is laying the preparation for the annexation of Ukrainian territory and is introducing ill-conceived proxy officials in areas under its influence, the White House says.

Disclosing what he said was US intelligence, chief National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told a White House news briefing the Russians were planning to introduce proxy officials, lay out the rouble as the default currency and force residents to apply for citizenship.

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“We have data today, including from downsized knowledge that we’re ready to impart to you, about how Russia is laying the foundation to add-an on Ukrainian area that it controls in direct infringement of Ukraine’s sway,” Kirby said.

It is a similar strategy utilized in 2014 when Russia reported its annexation of Crimea after assuming command over it from Ukraine, Kirby said. The global community thinks Crimea’s annexation is ill-conceived.

“We need to make it plain to the American public,” Kirby said. “No one is tricked by it. [Russian President Vladimir Putin] is cleaning off the playbook from 2014.”

Russia sent huge number of troops into Ukraine on 24 February in what it calls a “unique military operation”.

Kirby said Russia was currently attempting to take control of broadcasting towers.

He said the United States would, in the following couple of days, declare another weapons package for Ukraine as the nation connects with Russia in savage battles in eastern Ukraine.

It would be the sixteenth such drawdown of cash approved by the US Congress and allotted under presidential authority, he said.

The package is supposed to include US mobile rocket launchers known as HIMARS, and adjusts for Multiple Launch Rocket Systems as well as ordnance weapons.

The United States has given $8 billion in security assistance since the conflict started, including $2.2 billion for the last month.

Kirby said Washington would impose sanctions on officials engaged with addressing themselves as proxy officials. He said those proxies would attempt to hold “sham referenda” trying to legitimatize Russian control.

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